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Day Nineteen: Beans and Barlour

One of my good friends Julie lives in Tampa, FL right now while she is pursuing her masters degree. Last month I went to visit her to escape some of the cold weather here in Chattanooga.

While I was there we went to a new establishment that is already known for their alcoholic desserts. Mostly their alcohol infused ice creams, so we had to give it a try.

Beans and Baulour is located in downtown St.Pete which is about 45 minutes outside of Tampa, FL. When you first enter you are hit with the aroma of coffee. They serve coffee drinks as well but we were there solely for some drunken desserts. We go a table and looked over the menu. I opted for the tiramisu, while my friends went with the strawberry shortcake and a pineapple whip. When you first take your bite of the dessert you don’t notice the alcohol but the more you eat the more in tune you become to the slight alcoholic taste.

I thought my treat was delicious and just enough sweet. I would 100% recommend giving this place a try for a little after dinner night cap when visiting the Tampa area.