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Day Sixteen: Lunch at OPA

A few weeks back I had the the best lunch at Opa in Northshore. This Greek restaurant has been in my must try list for over two years now and I finally had to chance to try it.

OPA is a small hole in the wall from the outside but once you enter you are transported to the Greek islands. You can tell the place is filled with a lot of love.

We were greeted by the owner Micheal as we walked in. He sat us and then arrived an iced tea.

Micheal came out from the kitchen a few minutes later explaining we would have the lunch special. It would come with an appetizer, Greek Platter and dessert and coffee after.

The appetizer was spanakopita with is a Spinach pie, consisting of spinach, feta cheese and onions in a flakey pasty.

The platter arrived first. It was a seasoned meat with a side of roasted potatoes and onions and peppers. Severed alongside hummus, sour cream and pita bread.

After we finished our main course Michael then brought collate cake and followed with Greek coffee.

The whole meal was about $20 but was so worth every penny.

If you are even in Chattanooga, I highly recommend this Greek Gem.