Day 10: Favorite Homemade Pizza Toppings

This is an older post but I wanted to share it again after being reminded of it this weekend. I had a sweet potato hash for bunch on Saturday. This has was amazing and had some of the most delicious roasted Brussels Spouts in it. After eating them, all I could think about was the next time I was going to have my favorite pizza again.

I love pizza and being on a low carb diet has really hampered with my ability to enjoy this amazing dish. After seeing a post about “Fathead dough” my life was changed forever. Fathead dough is so yummy and can be topped with any of your favorite pizza toppings, and even use it for desserts! Today I wanted to share my favorite recipe for fat head dough as well as my favorite toppings combo.

Brussels sprouts are typically not anyone’s favorite vegetable and growing up I don’t think I even ever tried one. It wasn’t until last year that I tried some, all my friends were raving about how good they were.

After I roasted some for dinner one night I was hooked and started eating them whenever I saw them on a menu or on sale at my grocery store. So when I was visiting Nashville and saw a pizza topped with these bad boys I just had to try it. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t eaten lunch or had been in the sun all day, but that pizza was beyond delicious. When I got back from my trip I had to try and re-create it. It ended up being so yummy. This pizza became a dinner once a week. I just used some premade pizza dough from Publix bakery but you can use any kind of dough you’d like.



To make this wonderful creation. I start by flattening out the dough and bake according to the directions on the Package. While that’s in the oven I start by frying up some bacon. I use half a pack and I cut the bacon into bits before I cook; you can also break up after the bacon is cooked. I then slice my Brussel sprouts and onion into slivers. Once the bacon is all cooked I used the grease to sauté the spouts, onions and some garlic until they are both tender.

When the pizza crust comes out of the oven I put a light coat of olive oil on it since there isn’t going to be any pizza sauce.


I top with cheese, spouts mixture and bacon then of course some more cheese.

Pop it back in the oven until the cheese is melted and Enjoy!