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Day Eight: New York At Christmas (the details)

When we deiced to head out to New York for Christmas we had a lot to figure out and plan. I already had all the places to visit and things we wanted to do. The trickiest part of traveling is always in the details.

Flight: We decided to take an early morning flight to be able to still get to New York at a decent time and of course we couldn’t miss the tree lighting!!

Airport Transportation : It is so expense to get from any airport in NYC area to your hotel without costing an arm and a leg. We booked ahead of time a shuttle from the airport to hotel and I would highly suggest it. Ride Shares are ridiculous and depending on what airport you fly into there may not be a close subway stations to get you into the city.

Hotel: We booked our hotel though Hotwire with a Hotwire Hotdeal. Basically you pick an area and a star rating to search. You can read reviews and they give you a list of hotel chains the hotel could be. Once you book you then find out what hotel you were given. It is non-refundable and since you do not know what you are booking it’s a gamble. However, I use Hotwire often and have never had a bad hotel. We ended up getting booked at the Holiday Inn Express in Manhattan in the Hell’s Kitchen Area.

Getting around the City: We used the Subway, Uber/Lyft and walking. I loved the Subway and walking the most, but we few times we needed to get somewhere quickly we took ride shares. The struggle with the subway is that the stations and trains. They can be confusing, but if you used Apple Maps and choose transit, they will guide you to the correct station and tell you what train to get on.