Day Five: Everything Happens for a Reason

I woke up this morning late which usually it’s a huge deal but today I had a meeting I had to be at, at a specific time. I apparently turned off my alarm and went back to sleep so when I heard my roommate getting dog food, my eyes popped open. I looked at the clock and it read 7:07 am. I am usually leaving my house at this time. I was in panic mode. I rushed gettin ready, threw on some clothes and makeup, brushes my hair and was out the door by 7:18.

I was on the road and my ETA of 8:11 am. I sighed some relief as my meeting was at 8:30. I’d have time to get settled in and prepared. However not even 5 miles from my exit off the interstate, cars start to slow. Break lights fill my eye sight. I hop on my GPS, “crash reported ahead”.

As I sat in traffic, running even further behind I became even more frustrated. I was mad at myself for over-sleeping when I knew I had something I had to be at on time.

As I krept along we were all moving into the far left emergency lane. I looked to my right and saw a small white car with the front end crushed and a semi truck still standing by sideways, now across all three lanes.

All the passengers were standing in the side of the road, no one looked to be seriously injured. I felt bad for being angry about being stuck in traffic. Those peoples whole day is ruined, probably more and my little issues of being late to a meeting is so minuscule in comparison.

My thoughts also began to shift. That could’ve been me in that accident. If I had not over-slept; I might of been at that location at that time. My biggest worry of the day would’ve most definitely not been that I was going to be late to work.

So today was a very small reminder that first of all everything happens for a reason and secondly don’t take life too seriously. Your very small inconvenience might be welcomed by others in a worse situation.