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Kansas City Caffeine Crawl

I know you’ve probably heard of pub crawls but have you ever heard of a caffeine crawl?

I went on this coffee & tea caffeine crawl in Kansas City while visiting my best friend in Missouri. Jason the crawl guide was so knowledgeable and helpful throughout our entire crawl.

This crawl is so different than anything else I had been on. Most of the beer crawls I go on our self guided in a sense you don’t have a plan or specific way to do things but I really enjoyed how there was a set schedule for this crawl.

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We showed up at 10:30 am to start the tour. Our first stop at The Roasterie was all about air roasting coffee beans instead of the traditional drum roasting technique. We samples two versions of their cold brew, both were beyond delicious. This place was so cool, they have a giant airplane on the outside of the building and do all the air roasting, cold brewing, and have recently added a bakery in this building.

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Our next stop was Thou Mayest. Here we got a little education on CBD oil and hemp milk and their benefits. We even got a taste of the Matcha Latte with hemp milk that honestly was one of the best matcha lattes I’ve ever had. This coffee shop roasts their own beans in house and you can even get a bowl of cereal to go with your coffee!

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Next we headed over to Shang Tea, a tea stop where we learned about the teas leaves and sampled a few varieties of white tea. This place is known for their high quality white teas and boy where they good!

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Monarch was our fourth stop where we did a bit of a roasting taste test. We sampled three different coffee brews made with beans roasted at different times/temps and then picked out favorites. Nicole and I obviously are not super experienced coffee drinkers because we both picked the lightest roasts that were considered under roasted.

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Our last stop was Second Best, they opened their doors to us when they are typically closed on Sundays! Here we got a “make your own coffee bar.” We got a little inside knowledge on how they pick their next coffee line-ups. This season they had a coffee with cotton candy in it, so we all got a fork of cotton candy to add to our coffee mixtures!


This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend and a month later I am still coming down from my caffeine high.


For more info on the Caffeiene Crawl and to see if it is coming to a city near you head on over to