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Wait, It’s already November?

So it’s been hot minute since I’ve posted but I have just been so dang busy. For whatever reason September and October are always my busiest months and this year was not any different.

So for this post I’d thought I’d just do a quick recap of the past two months with some of the fun things I was able to do!

(p.s. going to go ahead and apologize for all the photos)

September started with a Bachelorette Party trip to New Orleans for my dear friend Elizabeth.

Next up was Music Midtown in Atlanta for the 5th year with my bestie Nicole.

(yes that is a whole watermelon)

A last minute work trip to North Carolina ended with a quick stop in Charlotte, NC to spend the weekend with my friend Lex​

Then it was time to head to Las Vegas for a work conference. Even though I was there for work I was able to fit in a show and slots. Even got to see my sorority sister Chelsea!

​​​​To end out September and start out October, me and my roomies held a joint birthday Low Country Boil!


 Next was Elizabeth and Conner’s Wedding weekend in Nashville



My next weekend was spent in Atlanta, celebrating mine, Alex and Nolen’s Birthday’s


My Cousin and Soon to be Momma came down for the afternoon and I could finally see her and that sweet baby bump


The following weekend was spent back in Atlanta to see some of my Sorority Sisters


And to find out that Baby G is going to be a BOY!

Then just like that it was the end of October and Halloween weekend came and I pulled out some makeup to transform into the Cheshire cat (forgot to apply whiskers)



Having plans each weekend gives me something to look forward too during my work week. However, I am excited to have some time back in Chattanooga before the Holiday season starts. I am just so thankful for this life I get to have and for all the people I get to share it with. Can’t wait to see what is up next!