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Blogging Challenge Fail

Last year in the month of December I challenged myself to make a blog post every day for the month. Well… I failed my own #31daysofblogging challenge and it’s okay.

I can say I completed 20ish days of blogging and it really was a challenge. I thought that it would be easy to write everyday and post, but the further along I got the shorter my posts got. I lost motivation as soon as I was on holiday break and I couldn’t get it back.

To be fair I was spending a lot of time resting and with my family & friends which was amazing. I was able to really reflect on why I started this challenge and what I was getting from it.

I wanted a challenge and I got one. Writing, editing, finding/taking photos, formatting all the things needed for a blog post on top of working a full time job is hard. I did have a lot of posts in draft mode that just needed a spruce up, but most days I was creating a post from scratch. I ran out of ideas and the ideas I did have would take longer than the hour I gave myself at night. A post a day is not for me and now I know.

I blog for fun, for my own personal growth and to hopefully help someone else who may be traveling to the places I go or who may be going through the things I am. I work full time as an engineer and I created my blog to have a creative outlet. I wanted to be able to let off steam at the end of the day. By blogging everyday and putting so much pressure on myself it took the Joy out of Blogging.

The point of the #31daysofblogging challenge as to push myself out of my once a month post and I did that! I can confidently say I posted more in the month of December than I did all year. Blogging is not easy, but I do enjoy it.

Thank you to everyone who followed along on my challenge. It may have been somewhat of a failure but I’m a firm believer that you can never learn or grow if you don’t fail sometimes.