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Day Twenty: The Chattery

The Chattery is a Non-Profit locates in Chattanooga, TN that is focused in offering adult education classes on a variety of topics. They are always something really fun and range in price.

This week I finally took my first Chattery class and had the best Tuesday I’ve had in a long time. I attended the NYE Champagne Cocktails class.

For $35 you were taught by a local bartender how to make three different champagne drinks perfect for impressing your family and friends. The bartender teaching the class was Kaleena Goldsworthy from The Bitter Bottle; a local craft bitters company.

Kaleena had so much knowledge on alcohol and ingredients she added to make the drinks it made me want to learn more about origins of other common drinks.

When the class was over I can say I’m ready to make all three drinks and enjoyed tasting them even more.