Day Fifteen: Halfway Updates

I am half way done with my #31daysofbloggjng challenge. I wanted to use today’s post to give a quick update on how I think it’s going.

So far I’ve only missed posting one day and the next day I posted twice to make up for it. My overall feeling about it is that I do feel it’s more of chore than anything. I usually post late at night but at least I’m posting, right?

I feel like all my posts are pretty short and not as detailed as I want them to be. I am usually still trying to figure out what I’m going to blog about as I write a few drafts.

My goal for the next 15 days to to focus on quality. I am going to spend day 16 drafting a few posts and brainstorming ideas.

Thanks for following along so far, can’t wait to share even more.