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Day Thirteen: My Favorite Hair Care Products

I love hair care and am always looking for the best thing to use. These are my favorite product that I am using right now!

Kristin Ess: Purple Shampoo

I have recently joined the blonder team with some more highlights so the need for purple toneing shampoo is a must!

It’s a 10: Miracle Leave-In Conditor

So I started using this product two years back when they did a give away for the Miss. America Pageant. It has changed my life. I use to have super frizzy hair but whenever I use this product after I wash my hair it always comes out silky smooth

Kristin Ess: Dry Shampoo

There is always a day where you need dry shampoo. I try not to use it too often as it usually drys out my hair and makes it bridle. When I do use it, this is the product I use! It’s light weight but gets the job done.

Orlando Pita Play: Atoms-Shield

I got this heat protectant spray in my Fab-Fit-Fun box and loved it from the first use. It’s great to use before you blow-dry your hair or even on dry hair for a curling or straightening touch up. I can tell a difference when I don’t use it.