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Day Seven: Cat Cafe

Cats are my favorite animals and growing up we always had at least one cat around. Now that I’m older I don’t have any animals because I travel so often but if I did, I for sure have a cat again.

I am visiting my best friend in Kansas City, Missouri and she planned for us to visit the newest cat cafe in KC.

Whiskers Cat Cafe has only been open a little over a week but already has a ton of buzz. You enter and for your $10 reservation you get an hour in the cat room and $2 towards a beverage of your choice. Nicole and I both got vanilla lattes that were m delicious. For non coffee drinkers they have hot teas available.

Once you have your drink you head into the cat room where you have an hour with the cats. They have rules to help protect the cats so their suggestion is to take a seat and the cats will come to you.

After a little over 30 minutes, all the cats had come up to us.

They have cat toys to play with them as well as “cat rooms” that are just for the cats to get away from the humans if they feel the need.

After our hour in the room, you can use the sink to wash your hands and the lint roller provided to get all the cat hair off.

I would give this a 10/10 on my must do’s if you are in visiting Kansas City and love cats.

To find out more information about the Whiskers Cat Cafe or make your reservation you can check them out on their website here.