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Top Five Tips for Attending Music Midtown

Music Midtown is a music festival located in Atlanta, Georgia’s Piedmont Park. It features music artists from all genres. I have been going since 2013 and have loved every year. Below are my Top Five Tips for attending that I’ve learned from years of experience.

1. Bring a refillable water bottle and stay hydrated and don’t forget to wear sunscreen. The sun can be a energy drain. If there is any chance of rain pack a small poncho. It has saved us more than once

2. Comfortable shoes are a must! You stand the majority of the day so wear those arch supporting shoes. Nobody looks at your feet anyways so don’t worry about it ruining your outfit

3. Don’t worry about being so close to the stage, you are all hearing the same music

4. Bring a little pack of tissues and hand sanitizer- over the years MM has really stepped up their portapotty game with flushing toilets and attendants that check them regularly. But to be safe bring your own TP and hand sanitizer

5. Make a plan and have fun- Since the line-up is out now we will be working out of must see’s and split our time between the other acts.

To learn more or get your tickets for this years festival head in over to their website (Music Midtown)