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2009 vs. 2018: Traveling Overseas Edition

In honor of my upcoming vacation, I thought it would be fun to do a comparison of what the differences are from the last time I went overseas in 2009 to France and Spain.

2009: I used a phone calling card and used telephone booths to make calls home

2018: I will be using my cell phone and just swapping out my SIM card

2009: First Flight Ever

2018: Frequent Flyer Now

2009: In HighSchool

2018: Almost three years our of college

2009: Paris, France & Barcelona, Spain

2018: Southern Ireland

2009: Met Akon at the London Airport during a layover

2018: Hope to run into someone famous while flying business class on our layover home @ JFK

2009: Brought a digital camera, it was a Pink Sony

2018: Will be using my Canon DSLR to capture all the shots

2009: Posted all my photos onto Facebook a few days after I got back from my trip. I had to use two Albums because there was a photo limit.

2018: Most of my photos will be posted real-time on Instagram

2009: Bermuda shorts and Polo V-neck were all the rage, brought an array of different colored shirts and then used the same three pairs jeans/shorts

2018: I’m worrying about what to pack still. How can I be stylish and fit it all in my bag.

2009: I had my I-Pod Nano filled with all the hits

2018: I stream from Spotify on my phone

What are some fun things from the first time you went on an overseas trip vs today if you took one?

Drop your answers below in the comments!