Mind Over Doughnuts

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quite voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’” – Mary Anne Radmacher

This past weekend I fell off the wagon and hit the ground hard. It all started with a really bad day at work, I ate a doughnut. As I ate the doughnut I realized I felt like I needed to hide the fact that I was eating a doughnut. Guilt started to set in and I once again used food to coupe instead of dealing with my emotions properly. I had let myself down. Saturday I attended a bridal shower where I ate all kinds of bad stuff, including another doughnut. By the time Sunday came around, I had fallen back into my old ways. It was so easy to stop thinking about what I was eating. To not have to worry if the food was low-carb and sugar free. I started to convince myself that eating healthy was not for me.

Monday morning arrived and I hopped on the scale. The effects of the weekend  started to set in to reality the mess up from the weekend. I had gained weight back, felt awful and even worse my confidence was shot. The whole day all I could think about was how mad I was that I let myself do that. I had been so good and I screwed everything up just because I had a bad day. I had let my emotions get the best of me. That evening on my way home from work I knew that I needed to get those bad thoughts out of my head. As I drove down the highway, I thought back to the past few months and all that I had accomplished. I had so much to be proud of. I did not need to let one bad weekend ruin all my progress thus far. That night I hit reset and Tuesday morning I began again. I realized that when I became lazy and stopped tracking my food I was setting myself up for failure.

The weekend mess up really reinforced my commitment to my health. It taught me that the hardest part of falling down is getting back up again. That I still have work to do and that I ‘m not perfect. That I will mess up and that’s okay. Change is hard and nothing worth anything ever comes easy.

In the end it was not so much that I ate “bad” food, it was more that I was not making the best choice for me. Being healthy is a choice and happens every moment of everyday. Just as you choose to get out of bed every morning, you have to choose the right foods to put into your body. Every day is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and grow, progress and change for the better.