How to Cure the Holiday Hangover

If you are anything like me, January is a hard month. It is the first month of a new year and right after two long months filled with some much holiday spirit. First you have November where you are preparing for Thanksgiving and then there is December gearing up to Christmas and New Years. Then finally you come to January, and it all comes to a crashing halt. You are expected to then go back to work with not another company wide day off until Memorial Day. You start your New Years Resolutions which sometimes means a complete change in your normal daily routine. All those cheery Holiday decorations are taken down and you are brought back to reality. With all of these sudden changes you are left with what I like to call a holiday hangover.

In the new year the last thing you want is to be feeling this way, so I’ve got some self-tested ways to help cure this Holiday Hangover.

    1. Get back into your sleep schedule– With all the time off work and staying up late to watch the ball drop, you probably were staying up later than usual and therefore waking up later in the morning. You may have even become accustom to an afternoon nap. You cannot “catch up on sleep” so reset your sleep clock. You can do this by waking up earlier tomorrow and make sure you don’t take a nap. When it’s time to go to bed tomorrow evening you are ready for sleep; when the work day comes around you are left feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week ahead.
    2. Drink enough water– I know for me when I’m hydrated I feel so much better and during busy times I forget to drink enough of it. I help to remind myself my filling up my favorite water bottle. I give myself a number of times to re-fill during the day. This gives me a goal to work towards during the day and the accountability needed to make sure I stay hydrated.
    3. Take a bath/shower– Sometimes a nice hot shower or relaxing bath can help to rejuvenate you. Use some of those bath bombs you got in your stocking to spend some time soaking up some suds.
    4. Make a list of Goals– It is the New Year which means resolutions are being made. Jot those down. Make specific goals and then go one step further and write down ways to accomplish them. You are more likely to accomplish something if you write it down and have a set plan. Having something to work towards is always motivating.
    5. Plan something fun– In a month filled with trying to get back on track it sometimes can get depressing. If you plan some fun things to look forward to you aren’t left feeling totally let down after all those fun holiday trips. For me I have two weekend trips planned for the middle and end of January. You can even do something small like go to the movies to see that new hot movie everyone has been talking about. Just having something to do that you enjoy is going to keep your spirits up.

Just by doing any one of these few simple things; you can re-energize yourself and be the best you in 2018. Let me know which one works best for you and if you have any other tips on how to cure your holiday hangover!