From 117 to 711- What living on my own has really taught me

This week I closed the door (literally) to my first apartment and living alone.  As I drove home to my new place I really began to reflect back on my little 500 sq. foot apartment and what living on my own has really taught me.

A little back story-

I moved to Chattanooga a little under two years ago. I graduated college, got a big-girl job and wanted to start a new adventure. For some reason I decide that adventure needed to be living on my own in a new town. I had lived in the same place for the last 5 years and since I was already commenting to work, I decided why not commute to the north instead of the south. So that is how I ended up in Chattanooga and since I was moving to a place where I didn’t know anyone, living alone was my one and only option. So I found the nicest, yet still cheapest, 1 bedroom apartment and moved on in.

Learning and living-


I have loved living by myself and think that everyone should experience it. You really have time to think about what you like, what you don’t like, what you want in life, and your opinions on everything.  It even helps you to learn how to be okay with being alone. It teaches you to take pride in your surroundings and to learn to be your own support system. Living alone taught me to value my time with others. To really soak in the community that is around me. When you live alone you really let your guard down and are able to let go. You are able to be your true self without feeling like you are hiding something. That can’t do something because of what someone else might think. It has helped me to form new thoughts and ideas on things. I would say I use to have a group think mentality and now I have some firm beliefs that I can stand up for.

In the end I think that living alone mostly taught me how to be me. To be okay with whoever that ‘ME’ is and have self-awareness. I am so thankful for my time alone, but I am also exited for my newest adventure of living with roommates again. I know through life everything is a learning experience and I’m ready to grow some more in this new season. As always thank you so much for following me though this adventure called life and letting me share my attempts at adulthood.