Chattanooga, I love you

It’s been a little over a year since I moved to Chattanooga and let me tell you I love it! This city has given me so much more than I could’ve ever expected.

This past weekend I feel in love with this city all over again when my best friend, Nicole, came to visit.

Follow along below to see how we spent our weekend!


Breakfast was spent at Maple Street Biscuit Company- this place is chicken biscuit lovers dream. They have almost a whole page of their menu dedicated to different versions of a classic chicken biscuit. All their Biscuit and sauces are made from scratch & in house and are oh so good.
After breakfast we went shopping around town in all the cute boutiques. Of course we also had to stop and have a photo shoot in the Southside district on the polka dot wall located on Main Street.

After our mini photo shoot we headed over to the Walnut Street Walking bridge. This bridge is a staple in Chattanooga and the only request Nicole had of things to do. After our stroll across the bridge we headed back to my apartment to freshen up before lunch.

Our first lunch stop was the Tremont Tavern, we had time to order a beer right before the power went out. After being told we wouldn’t be able to order due to the outage, we finished our beers and headed to find another place for lunch.

Since our first attempt failed we tried another burger place in town. The Urban Stack. This place is located in the Southside and known for its burgers and whiskey. We both had some delicious burgers as that strom that knocked the power out came through. As we finished our food the rain let up and a rainbow came out so we decided to walk to our next destination- The 10th Annual Running of the Chihuahuas. This event is a mix of celebrations, Cinco De Mayo and The Kentucky Derby for Chiuahuas. The best part about this event is that not only was watching little dogs try to cross a finish line adorable; but the fact that they have a free concert. This year Aaron Carter was the headliner and my pre-teen, Lizzie Maguire self was fan girling so hard.

Following our time with Aaron we found ourselves at Odd Story Brewing Company. This is the newest brewery in Chattanooga and it was so good. Nicole and I both had a flight of beer, played some board games and then headed on our merry way.

To end the night we met up with some of my friends and went to The Flying Squirrel and then Clydes on Main for drinks.


We started Sunday with Brunch at The Daily Ration. This place has the best pineapple mimosas in town. After brunch we headed over to Lookout Mountian.

We took the short hike down to Sunset Rock to see this beautiful view!

Shortly after our mid morning mountian views, Nicole had to head back to Missouri and just like that our weekend was over. Though it was a quick, this time spent in Chattanooga refreshed my love of this city!