I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Holidays! Its possibly the best time of year. It is a time full of family, friends and food. The other part of the holidays that makes it so glorious is the decorating.

This year my friends and I decided to have a Friendsgiving dinner. I volunteered to host and before I looked up a recipe to cook the Turkey I was already starting to decided how to decorate.

Since I am just starting out in my career, I don’t have a ton of money to throw away on decor. My solution is to find cheap items ($5 and under) that come together to be beautiful.

Through a mixture of bought and made items, I created a simple yet inviting Friendsgiving


Things I bought:  

  •  Target: I think everyone loves Target and I love it’s value section even more. The burlap runner, blue napkins and gold napkin rings were all either $3 or $5!
  • Dollar Store: You can find wonderful items at the dollar store and sometimes I think it’s and underrated store sometimes. The gold table chargers, gold pumpkin, and leaves were all just a $1 each!

** The leaves and little foam pumpkins were on a piece of garland I just separated


Things I made:

  • Banner:The Friendsgiving Banner was made all from things I had around my apartment.
    • I used the back side of a pizza box, gold confetti circle, twine and tape to create this super cute banner I will definitely use again
  • Two-Tier centerpiece  was made from more dollar-store finds
    • I used two plates, two candlesticks and glued them together to make a simple tier